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Being in a variety of body shops on a daily basis it is easy to learn a few tips from the talented tradespeople that we see. The tech-team at Carlson thought it was a great time to start sharing some of these ideas and procedures in the form of a Tech Tips blog. We will periodically post solutions to some of the more common and maybe not so common issues that our industry experiences today. We look forward to reading your feedback and hopefully this will help all of us become more productive.

Sprayable Air Quality

Ever wondered why your jobs are not as glossy as before or you're experiencing die back after baking? Or worse you're noticing small black pieces in your base coat or clear!

Solutions to this could be as easy as setting up a routine service program for your compressor and drier unit.

In addition:

  • Clean and or replace your sprayable in line booth filtration regularly (refer to the manufactures specifications)
  • Replace your booth airline, as this could be breaking down leading to contamination *simply move the old airline into the shop as you're most likely one line short anyway.
  • Check and replace your ceiling, and exhaust filters periodically
  • Ensure that your booth is swept and cleaned (pressure washed) regularly; consider a floor and booth wall coating.

With these tips and getting your staff on a regular maintenance program you'll save time and money with costly re-dos and over polishing.

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