NitroHeat Painting Solutions

Why Spray Away Profits?

NitroHeat heated nitrogen systems specifically focused towards the spray painting industry.  Use heated Nitrogen for your water borne and solvent based paint applications for increased efficiency in the paint process.

NitroHeat Heated Nitrogen Systems


  • Reduce material costs
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Reduce VOCs
  • Improved transfer efficiency
  • Improve efficiency
  • Improve productivity

NitroHeat is a stand-alone system that converts compressed air to 98% nitrogen; ideal for use in water borne paint applications.   Because nitrogen is moisture free, the paint application process is more consistent with heated nitrogen versus compressed air.  This results in a superior paint transfer and a higher quality finish, using less material while providing better coverage.

NitroHeat is an affordable option to use heated nitrogen in spray painting processes

Quality & Consistency

  • NitroHeat supplies up to 98% pure nitrogen, free of impurities and moisture from an existing compressed air supply
  • Use of NitroHeat results in a higher quality finish
  • NitroHeat produces a supply of molecules that are uniform compared to the variation of compressed air
  • NitroHeat supplies a constant flow of nitrogen through a heated hose to maintain a spray temperature over 130 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Ideal for use with water borne paints and coatings
  • NitroHeat aids in overall drying time and reduces baking time

Increased Efficiency

  • NitroHeat utilizes a flow of heated nitrogen to result in accelerated paint drying times and increased paint transfer efficiency

Reduced Costs

  • NitroHeat provides the technology to reduce your material costs and increase your efficiency and productivity

NitroHeat is the most natural and cost efficient heated nitrogen system to use with water borne paints and coatings. It's imperative to save time and money in the evolving collision industry.


How does NitroHeat work?

  1. Compressed air is supplied to the nitrogen generator
  2. The air undergoes a multi-stage filtration process
  3. The filtered air is passed through a membrane
  4. The membrane traps the nitrogen and releases the other gases
  5. The nitrogen is passed through a heater
  6. The heated nitrogen leaves the NitroHeat cabinet and passes through a heated hose to the spray gun

What comes with NitroHeat?
The complete system comprises the following:

  1. Nitrogen generation unit including filters, membrane nitrogen generator and heater
  2. Heated hose 25ft
  3. Quick connect inlet coupler
  4. Power connector for heater

Why should my shop switch to NitroHeat?

  1. Increased efficiency
  2. Improved finish quality
  3. Cost reduction in paint materials
  4. Improved cycle time

How can NitroHeat save my shop money?

  1. Use less paint
  2. Shorten your bake cycles get more use from your spray booth
  3. Improved quality of finished product

What's the return on my investment?
If you spray an average of 10 panels per day, 5 days per week, you can expect to recover your investment in a maximum of 12 months What kind of paints and coatings can I use with NitroHeat?
You can use any type of paint and coatings that require a curing a process. This includes primers, base coats and clear coats.

What is the warranty on NitroHeat?
All Nitroheat systems are supplied with a 3 year manufacturer guarantee as per the following conditions:

  1. Compressed air supply must be clean and dry
  2. Nitroheat pre filters must be replaced every 6 months
  3. Nitroheat system must be operated in an environment with a temperature of between 60 & 90F

What is VOCs?
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) refers to organic chemical compounds which have significant vapor pressures and which can affect the environment and human health. VOCs are numerous, varied, and ubiquitous. Although VOCs include both man-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds, it is the anthropogenic VOCs that are regulated, especially for indoors where concentrations can be highest. VOCs are typically not acutely toxic but have chronic effects. Because the concentrations are usually low and the symptoms slow to develop, analysis of VOCs and their effects is a demanding area.

What maintenance is required on Nitroheat?
Filters need to be replaced at least twice a year and is totally dependent on the quality of the compressed air supplied to the unit. The cleaner the compressed air the less frequent the filter services.

  • NH1Heated Nitrogen for Single Spray Gun

    NH1Heated Nitrogen for Single Spray Gun The NH1 is our base model nitrogen generation system This model includes the innovative NITROHEAT pre-filtration system, the nitrogen membrane separator and our unique thermal processing unit and a heated hose. This system is guaranteed to save you a minimum of 15% on liquid paint material.
  • TPC750 Thermal Process Unit

    TPC750 Thermal Process UnitThe TPC 750 can be purchased separately as a solution to supply heated compressed air to your spray guns/s. This will offer some efficiency improvements in the paint application and drying time. The TPC750 comes complete with an adjustable temperature controller with 2 pre set temperature points and a heated 30ft hose. The efficiency of the TPC 750 can be improved by the use of the NF3 filtration system.
  • NHH 36/50 Custom Heated Hoses

    NHH 36/50 Custom Heated HosesWork with the TPC 750 and the NH1 to ensure efficient transfer of energy from the TPC through the length of the hose.
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